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When did you last get the opportunity to attend a workshop on improving your ‘Cruinneas’? Do you teach Irish grammar in a fun and meaningful way? When calling a child is it ‘A Seán’, ‘A Sheán’ or even ‘A Sheáin’? Do I say ‘teach Máire’ or ‘teach Mháire’? What does ‘caol le caol, leathan le leathan’mean?
Beidh ceardlann ar Chruinneas Gaeilge á reachtáil ag an PDST sna hIonaid Oideachais:  Dáta: 1 Deireadh Fómhair 2015  Am: 4.30-6.30 pm
This workshop is suitable for English medium schools

On Thursday September 10th, an experienced marker of LC Physics will give personal insight into this year's marking scheme, common student mistakes and misconceptions.   Organised by IOP and PDST, teachers may book a place here.  Please bring your own set of papers and marking scheme.
This year’s Institute of Physics teachers conference takes place in the School of Physics NUI Galway on Saturday 19th September.
It will be a day of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops, resources and networking for all teachers of physics including Junior Science Teachers.
The keynote presentation will be delivered by the eminent...

ReelLIFE SCIENCE is a novel science video competition for Irish primary and secondary schools, which aims to promote Science in the classroom and beyond, by inviting students to produce a short video communicating a scientific topic in an engaging and entertaining way.
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It is a Teaching Council registration requirement for all NQTs who have completed their initial teacher education since July 2012 to participate in the NIPT Workshop Programme. NQTs have three years from their initial date of registration with the Teaching Council to complete the workshop programme. 
Blackrock Education Centre’s workshop series commence September 8th  Further information here