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24LC 10 011 Lego®Serious Play® in Transition Year

24LC 10 011 Lego®Serious Play® in Transition Year

Why not try something a little different with your Transition Year students this year.

Lego®Serious Play® (LSP) is a facilitated methodology created by the Lego Group.

In a Lego®Serious Play® session students engage in experiential learning and build with LEGO® bricks and elements in a very different way to normal Lego® building.

The process is surprisingly powerful and is an effective way to engage the brain and work through different scenarios and challenges to achieve outcomes.

The process supports thinking with the hands. Everyone builds, everyone listens and everyone tells their stories ensuring 100% engagement and 100% respect. Its helps to make sense of complex information and is grounded in scientific research.

This two-hour hands-on experiential workshop (online) will introduce Transition Year teachers and coordinators to LEGO® Serious Play®.  

This session will cover:

  • What is Lego®Serious Play®
  • Lego®Serious Play®check-ins
  • Lego®Serious Play® process and etiquette
  • Using Lego® bricks and elements to support thinking, listening, sharing, voice, reflection and evaluation
  • Lego®Serious Play® activities to support reflection on the TY journey
  • Sourcing Lego®Serious Play® resources

Materials / resources needed for the workshop:

In order to join the workshop it is essential that ALL participants:

  • bring along a small box of Lego®bricks and elements to the online workshop. These should bein a range of different colours and shapes; the more unusual and random the shapes the better!
  • print off (before the workshop) a small number of worksheets that will be used during the session
  • have all laptop cameras and Mics on throughout the entire session.


Transition Year teachers/coordinators


Session length:

Two hours online



Miriam is a trained and experienced LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator with more than 40+ years experience working as a teacher, trainer, facilitator and consultant.

Miriam has a deep understanding of LEGO® Serious Play® methodology, principles, techniques, and the applications of LEGO® Serious Play®.

Course Details

Course Date 15-10-2024 7:00 pm
Course End Date 15-05-2024 9:00 pm
Cut off date 15-10-2024 12:00 pm
Registration fee / cost €5.00
Speaker Miriam O'Donoghue
Number Hours 2
Location Online
Categories Post Primary, Other