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23LC 10 002 - LEGO SIX BRICKS Level 3 & 4 Oct 25th & 26th for Participants who have completed Level 1 & 2 ONLY

SIX BRICKS Method Level 3 & 4 for Participants who have completed Level 1 & 2 ONLY October 25th & 26th 

 Trainer: Miriam O'Donoghue

Your trainer for SIX BRICKS is Miriam O Donoghue, a highly qualified and experienced teacher, trainer, educator and consultant who has worked for more than 40 years in education at Primary, Post-Primary, Further Education and Higher Education Levels including Teacher Education. Miriam, as well as working in the classroom, has held senior management roles including Director of the CDETB Curriculum Development Unit, Dublin, Ireland.

Miriam is one of only five LEAD SIX BRICKS trainers in the world who is endorsed/recognised by Care for Education.

This means that as well as being a very experienced SIX BRICKS Trainer, Miriam can deliver training to higher certification levels.

The SIX BRICKS Certificate Course covering SIX BRICKS levels 3 & 4 is designed for participants who have already completed hands-on SIX BRICKS Certificate Training at Levels 1 & 2 and is designed to build on and advance SIX BRICKS knowledge and practice.

During the course you will 

  • Build on SIX BRICKS activities covered in Levels 1 & 2 and practice exciting new SIX BRICKS activities across a range of developmental / skills areas
  • Use a practice and design lab approach to co-create/design, test and share SIX BRICKS activities that support specific areas of the curriculum. Our key areas of focus will be on designing Activity Mats, story based activities, games etc.
  • Revisit the SIX BRICKS Move and Learn and B Line MATS and some of the basic movements before proceeding to explore and practice creative and advanced ways to use these MATS and other SIX BRICKS Mats to focus on a range of areas including spatial, memory, partnering and Maths from basic to advanced.

Participants will be able to further develop their SIX BRICKS knowledge, ask questions and share experiences of implementation with the support of the trainer, Miriam O Donoghue.

Course prerequisites: Participants must have already completed a hands-on SIX BRICKS Certificate Course (Levels 1 & 2) and may be asked to produce evidence of Certification.

Duration:  2 x 2 hour sessions ONLINE

Training Materials:

No training kit is posted for the newly launched Level 3 and 4 course.

However, participants will need to bring to the course the training kit from level 1 & 2 i.e. bricks, ribbon, dice, peg, Move and Learn  /B Line Mat and the following materials:

    • A small feely bag e.g. a cloth bag, shoe bag or paper or plastic bag,
    • A scissors and tape (sellotape or masking) and markers/coloured pencils
    • A small selection of craft resources from the following list – you don’t need everything! e.g. small pieces of coloured paper or card, pipe cleaners, drinking straws, paper cocktail drink umbrellas, tin foil, balloons, doylies, ….. a mixed selection of whatever you can get.

    Electronic resources, activities, NEW MATS etc. will be provided in Miriam’s Level 3 & 4 repository/shared folder of SIX BRICKS resources and support materials. You will have ongoing access to these and Miriam will add to and update the folder several times during the year. You will have access to any new resources added.


     Certification: Six Bricks Levels 3 & 4. Full attendance and participation is required to qualify for Certification. Cameras need to be ON so that participants can receive guidance and feedback. A laptop is required for the best experience. Please check in advance that your camera is working and that you will have adequate table space beside your laptop to carry out the activities.


Course Details

Course Date 25-10-2023 7:00 pm
Course End Date 26-10-2023 9:00 pm
Cut off date 25-10-2023 12:00 pm
Registration fee / cost €40.00
Speaker Miriam O'Donoghue
Number Hours 4
Location Online
Categories Primary, Other, Post Primary