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23LC 10 016 - Using Freckle to Personalize Learning of Maths in Primary schools and Lower Post-Primary

Freckle is a new Maths product from the Accelerated Reader company and is designed along the same lines. It is an online resource which gives a baseline test initially which establishes the students’ strengths and weaknesses in Maths. The programme then provides personalized support material in areas required and this is done in a fun and engaging way. Assessment tests can be administered at intervals to check progress.

Freckle continuously adapts for personalized maths practice, while offering teachers the ability to focus on individual pupil objectives. It delivers real-world scenarios, skills practice and peer-to-peer support with pupil-friendly incentives and age-appropriate designs to provide a balance of fun and learning. Freckle has over 60k carefully graded maths questions and continuously adapts to meet students where they are and help them progress on their individualized learning path. Freckle engages every pupil by rewarding their achievement and delivers an age-appropriate experience that will have them asking for Freckle. In the 2019–2020 school year, students in the U.S. who used Freckle 15–30 minutes per day experienced measurable growth toward maths fluency. 

Course Details

Course Date 12-10-2023 4:30 pm
Course End Date 12-10-2023 5:30 pm
Cut off date 12-10-2023 12:00 am
Registration fee / cost Free
Speaker Pat Hanrahan
Number Hours 1
Location Online
Categories Primary, Post Primary