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23LC 10 025 - Test2R Training

TEST2r is a comprehensive assessment tool used to screen and pin-point the emergent literacy skills which a 5 – 6 year old child should have acquired. It is an objective measure of a child’s performance based on all of the theories of why children fail to learn. TEST2r provides an individual report on each child and pointers to intervention/resources. Divided into two parts, the first part consists of a rapid screener, which is made up of five tasks for use by the classroom teacher. If a child does not perform well in a particular task, then the Learning Support Teacher will administer the second part, i.e. the remainder of the tasks which are more diagnostic in nature in order to clarify any literacy sub-skill needs. The Learning Support Teacher will decide on appropriate interventions to develop these skills. The interventions may be drawn from the teacher’s own resources or from resources and links which can found on the TEST2r section on the Blackrock Education Centre website.

TEST2r is created and developed by Dr Pauline Cogan. Over 400 teachers throughout Ireland voluntarily gave a great deal of time to administering the research instruments over a period of 13 years on circa 1300 children. By such active participation in their own professional development they have ensured the authenticity of the research and have exemplified the best standards of professionalism. This extensive collaboration will ensure that TEST2r will be well received by all educationalists.

TEST2r was launched by the Minister for Education & Skills in June 2017 and is published by Blackrock Education Centre. It available to purchase by contacting the Centre at

Course Details

Course Date 17-10-2023 4:00 pm
Course End Date 17-10-2023 6:00 pm
Cut off date 17-10-2023 12:00 pm
Registration fee / cost Free
Speaker Donal Ryan
Number Hours 2
Location Blackrock Education Centre
Categories Primary

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