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25LC 05 003 - Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

25LC 05 003 -  Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

In this webinar the core principles of Cognative Behaviour Therapy are introduced what it is, how it works and how Cognative Behaviour Therapy strategies can improve mental health.

Cognative Behaviour Therapy teaches people new skllls, through practising these skills Cognative Behaviour Therapy helps people in the here and now.

This indroduction to Cognative Behaviour Therapy will explore the relationship our thoughts and feelings and behaviours, It will introduce some Cognative Behaviour Therapy skills which can be used in daily life to reduce some of the symptoms of stress and overwhelm.

Course Details

Course Date 20-05-2025 7:00 pm
Course End Date 20-05-2025 8:00 pm
Cut off date 20-05-2025 1:00 pm
Registration fee / cost Free
Speaker Nicola Culloty
Number Hours 1
Location Online
Categories Primary, Other, Post Primary