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2024 Reading Ulysses with Seamus Cannon

Stately 14

Have you ever wished you’d read Ulysses - that you got past chapter 3?  You’ve probably tried it a few times and given up in frustration. Whil it has a reputation for being difficult, Ulysses rewards persistence and is worth the effort for the lifelong enjoyment it affords. It is above all a very humorous read - and think of how your friends will be impressed!

This is an opportunity to read Ulysses at your leisure under expert guidance and share your difficulties and enjoyment with others. We’ll even provide fashion advice for Bloomsday!  We proudly proclaim that this is an entirely useless course - it will not advance your career nor earn you any money. We do it for enjoyment!

All talks will include vivid illustrations of locations and readings.

Séamus Cannon has been offering this course for over a decade just to encourage you to read Ireland’s most popular unread novel. The course is delivered on Zoom on Mondays at 7pm and each lecture is recorded so that, if you miss it, you will have two weeks to catch up before it is deleted. 

Booking and fees

  • First session commences at 7pm, on Monday 15th January 2024
  • 20 sessions in total: one introduction, 18 episodes and one wrap-up after Bloomsday (Dates to be confirmed)
  • Talks last approximately one hour, with additional time for questions and comments at the end - strictly optional!
  • Catch up or re-watch the talks for up to two weeks
  • Registration fee €80.00 for the whole course

To book, please use this link