Coaching for Educators

c4eC4E, Coaching for Educators, provides educational organisations with easy access to professional, certified coaches who volunteer their time to coach educators - free of charge.


C4E aims to provide educational organisations with an innovative way of:

  • Discovering what coaching has to offer educators whilst keeping within the confines of the school budget
  • Accelerating the ongoing evolution of the education system in a respectful, creative and effective way
  • Supporting the well-being and professional growth of educators
  • Introducing educators to the full range of coaching, and
  • Sustaining a coaching culture in the organisation. 

C4E works with:

-  Principals/Headteachers who are committed to the care & development of their teaching staff
-  Experienced teachers who seek to take a moment to review and reflect on how they work
-  Newly-qualified teachers who are looking to learn from their teaching experiences.​

C4E coaching is carried out individually by phone (or similar) with full confidentiality.

You get, four coaching sessions, typically:

  1. Building the coaching relationship, Choosing two Topics, Planning the dates and times
  2. Coaching on Topic 1
  3. Coaching on Topic 2
  4. Reflection on the coaching experience, Learning from the Reflection and the Next Steps to take.

After the coaching, you will be asked to give your coach written feedback

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